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→  NBC Nightly News regarding IVF featuring Jennifer Jay Palumbo:–gay-adoption-comments-414004291606

→  The Cost of Infertility:

→  CNN regarding Dolce & Gabana – IVF featuring Jennifer Jay Palumbo:

→  “Egg Socials” Exist and They’re Probably Not What You Think featuring Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo:

→  To Win A Free IVF Cycle, Contestants Share Losses, Grief and Hope. Is it Worth it?:

→  Egg Freezing Party on BBC Newshour featuring Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo:

→  Selfcare tips for IVF:

→  Pregnantish Profile:

→  Celmatix Advocate Spotlight of Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo:

Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo’s Webinar for Egg Donation and Friends called, “IVF treatment – The Patient’s Inside Story:

What Can I do to Help My Chances?”

Celmatix “Save the F Word”:

Stand-Up Clip

Speech for “The Hope Award for Best Blog”

Speed Dating Sketch Comedy

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