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The Day in the life Mompreneur:

If you’re a “Mompreneur”, you have to look your best at all times. We have the lash extensions, hair extensions, Spanx, full on make up (not just some cover up… I’m talking primer, shading, blending, the works) and if I can at all manage it, I’d carry around fans and a smoke machine.

Mompreneur waiting for her youngest to be dropped off from school.
Waiting for my oldest, Michael’s, school bus.

So, when Grace Abler asked to follow me around and capture my day and overall real life, I thought to myself, “I don’t know if I could try to look that good every day.” You look at some Mompreneur’s on Instagram and they look amazing just doing their laundry or writing a check. That’s not me. Yes, I meet the Mompreneur criteria: Running my own company, working from home, being a mother of two (after years of dealing with infertility), having a son on the autistic spectrum and regularly finding time to advocate for women’s health, but my life, is at times, insane.

If you’re saying, “Blah, blah, blah. You multitask. Work. Spend time with your kids. I’ve heard this story before. Welcome to working motherhood.” You’re right. I’m no better or worse than any other woman. And being a Mompreneur is more than just looking good. I know this. It’s just that the week Grace took these pictures were filled with more, “What the fuck?” moments than usual. I wish I could have looked a little more “together”.

Let me see if I can give you a quick summation of what was going on the week or two Grace took the pictures you’re seeing in this blog (and Grace can attest to this): I had recently had half my thyroid surgically removed from a thyroid cancer diagnosis when I officially launched Wonder Woman Writing LLC, where I work with and write for almost a dozen or so clients. As I was finalizing the website (the one you’re looking at now), I was also preparing to go to Albany to advocate for a bill that would make surrogacy legal in New York (Bravo’s Andy Cohen would be there too by the way. Super exciting!) Then, my toilet flooded into the rest of the entire house causing damage. This happened to be the exact day I was to attend my oldest son’s CPSE meeting. I did attend… I just did it covered in toilet water.

The reality of my kitchen

Bottom line: I ditched the whole “trying to look glamorous thing” and told Grace to come on over and witness the reality. The reality is being a Mompreneur is really effing hard, a lot of long hours, new levels of juggling and at times, quite ugly (although I still think I introduce new levels of “Oh dayum!” in these photos.)

Still, once I saw the photos she took, they truly do capture my life as it is. I can’t say if this will be interesting or boring to you, but it certainly shows a woman, a mom, who is NOT perfect, with no artifice, just trying to multitask, work, be with her kids and pull it all off… with a broken toilet. Maybe some of you will relate. Maybe some will be like, “Jesus. She’s doing it all wrong.” Either which way, I sincerely think years from now, my family and I will look back at these little moments and cherish these pictures. They are like seeds of what amazing things are to come… even without the make-up and Spanx.

Mompreneur gets her son dressed for school.
This is one of the mornings that I’m getting Matthew, my youngest, dressed and out the door. No doubt, this was after an intense negotiation of what he should wear.
Mompreneur takes her son to daycare.
Always the rebel, he asked to take the stroller but then, refused to sit in it. In this photo, he said we were a train as we walked to his daycare.
Mompreneur working from home while the kids are at school.
True Mompreneur reality. Me with no make-up under the recently stained ceiling tiles from the “toilet incident” but still working while everyone was out of the house!
Mompreneur putting down her work and welcoming her son home from school.
After working, I welcome Michael home from school. Since he is on the spectrum, he doesn’t go to the local school. He attends a special program and rides an hour on the bus. It’s worth it though as he is truly flourishing. I’m very, very proud of him.
Mompreneur both working and spending time with her son.
Playing Play-doh with Michael when he got home. I HATE how I look in this photo BUT it captures so much: 1. That I’m working while playing with him (hence the phone. Very Mompreneur). This is not ideal but the nature of multi-tasking on a weekday, 2. That we’re playing with the “Haircut Play-doh”, which we bought to help Michael get over his fear of haircuts, and 3. It captures perfectly my fresh “Pez-like” thyroid surgery scar. Sigh. Ah well… at least I’m laughing.
Mompreneur spending quality time with her kids.
This captures a moment on the weekend where I’m sneaking in quality time with the boys (this time, no phone). After years of infertility and IVF treatment, I’m still profoundly shocked I now have any children, let alone two.
A photo of a Mompreneur's son.
We play Play-doh in particular because it engages Michael, plus, his occupational therapist says it’s good for his motor skills. Matthew, just likes to mush things!
Play-doh cleared off and it’s dinner time with the family.
A Mompreneur working at Starbucks.
This is on a Sunday where my supportive husband, Mike, let me sneak away to a Starbucks where I could sneak in some work to get a jump on the work week ahead. God bless Starbucks. It’s my office away from home and keeps me energized.
A Mompreneur picking up her son in a stroller at daycare.
Picking up Matthew from daycare after a day of meetings. This time, he was in the stroller but had a lot to say. It’s not always easy to hear him along a busy Brooklyn street so I have to tip him back. Lord knows he will NOT be ignored!
Clearly exhausted. Another moment that truly captures being a Mompreneur.
Again, another not so flattering picture but captures the moment. Messy house, Matthew in a Spider-Man costume (he loves Spider-Man) and Michael, home from school probably showing us something on his iPad. It’s clear I’m exhausted.
Bedtime. Michael is content to tune out the world and play with his phone on the pull-out couch.
Matthew heads up the stairs to watch a movie with Mommy in, what else? His SpiderMan pajamas.
Ice pop. Check. Movie. Check. He’s set.
Mompreneur working before going to bed.
After everyone has gone to sleep, I am back at my phone. Checking emails, social media and using the notepad feature making myself a list of ‘to do’s’ for tomorrow.

And that’s it. Different stages of my day, night, week and life. I hope you enjoyed it or if nothing else, thought to yourself, “Wow. My house is way cleaner than hers.” While nothing is perfect, I’m pulling it all off. Well, mostly.

And I love what I do. While yes, Mompreneur has become a bit of a buzz word, I embrace it. That I’m defined as, “a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur”? What could be better than that? I’m passionate about my work and that makes all the balancing not feel so bad because I deeply care about it all: the kids, the writing, the advocacy and finding new and creative ways to engage clients, people, the public, etc. Being a Mompreneur makes me happy… even if it isn’t always glamorous!

And thank you again to patient, tolerant and talented Grace Abler for these beautiful photos!

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