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How to Prepare for Your First Fertility Clinic Appointment

Article was specially written for by Aileen Conner. Visiting a fertility clinic can be a daunting concept for any individual or couple. Generally, though, it’s something you’ll be glad to have done in the end. This will be all the more true, also, if you’ve taken the time to prepare for the process so …

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How FertiAlly Is Refocusing the Lens on Infertility is the latest digital platform that aims to answer fertility questions – to provide the fertility patient with the knowledge to enable them to drive the debate about their fertility health, choices, and treatment. The platform is unique, inspired, effective, and importantly, free to patients used to having to pay for add-ons associated with fertility treatment.

How LGBTQ+ Individuals and Couples Have Many Hoops to Jump Through When it comes to Fertility

My wife and I did reciprocal IVF to have our children — her eggs, I carried. When I was a couple of months pregnant, I learned that we would need to hire a lawyer if we wanted to ensure both of our parental rights were secure. Even though I am an attorney, I had no idea that we both would not be considered legal parents of our children after birth. It turns out, being on the birth certificate is not enough to grant full legal parental rights to a same-sex cis couple across the United States.

How to BE in the “Body” Present

Since its March and Women’s History month, I spent the last few weeks spring cleaning. Let’s face it, you can fight the patriarchy as much as you can, but someone has gotta clean up the closets! Not that my husband hasn’t or won’t help. He does, and he’s excellent at it, but… ladies, you and I both know we prefer to do it by ourselves to understand where things end up because most women are control freaks.

Endometriosis Awareness

How Does Endometriosis Affect IVF?

Endometriosis is a severe condition that is affecting a lot of women. The primary and most significant complication of this condition is that it directly affects a woman’s fertility. As a result, a woman cannot conceive naturally because of its difficulties. Thanks to medical science that has advanced reproductive techniques like IVF (in vitro fertilization), that has helped a lot of women with endometriosis conceive.

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