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The 2 week wait blog

After years of unprotected sex, failed timed cycles, inseminations and several IVF’s, Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo is now the mother of two boys and an outspoken and active infertility advocate. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, going through fertility treatment, currently pregnant or a new mom, this blog captures every stage of hormonal hell and invites you to laugh along (whether you have ovaries or not) and deal with the business of getting knocked up despite the universe’s efforts to knock us down!

The 2 Week Wait Blog was awarded the Hope Award for Best Blog in 2017, from Resolve: The National Infertility Association, which is voted on by the infertility community and recognizes a blog that raises awareness about the disease of infertility and sheds light on what it is like to be living with infertility.

In 2018, it was awarded the “Infertility Social Warrior Award” and in 2019, it was named the “Best IVF Blog” by Egg Donation Friends.Com.

If you like your eggs fertilized and implanted, sit down and have a read!

The Connection between Twin Peaks & Trying to Conceive

At present, I’m suffering from an evil, annoying cold. It’s one of those colds when breathing out of your right nostril just for a few seconds is a treat. Your ...
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The Second Failed Insemination – “The Feliz Navidad Incident”

If you’ve been reading my blog postings regularly, you’d know that our first IUI was around my birthday and Thanksgiving. Oddly enough, our second IUI ended up happening a week ...
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The Uninvited Cyst

As you may know from reading my blog, we are aiming to start my first InVitro process in the next few weeks. Today, I saw my doctor to touch base ...
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The First Failed Insemination (A.K.A. “The Starbucks Incident”)

The first time we tried insemination (“IUI”) was just after my birthday and right before Thanksgiving. Instead of Sam giving me a big ol’ expensive gift, he gave me a ...
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Soundtrack for Sanity

I’m a big believer in having soundtracks for whatever is going on in your life at the moment. When I was single, I listed to a lot of Ani Difranco, ...
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And so… it begins.

I was always told that if you let a penis touch your leg, you’d get pregnant. This is the impression most 5th grade teachers and bad after school specials left ...
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The First Day

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve created my two week wait blog in anticpation of my first IVF procedure in April. For those who are actually reading this now, please forgive ...
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