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The 2 week wait blog

After years of unprotected sex, failed timed cycles, inseminations and several IVF’s, Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo is now the mother of two boys and an outspoken and active infertility advocate. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, going through fertility treatment, currently pregnant or a new mom, this blog captures every stage of hormonal hell and invites you to laugh along (whether you have ovaries or not) and deal with the business of getting knocked up despite the universe’s efforts to knock us down!

The 2 Week Wait Blog was awarded the Hope Award for Best Blog in 2017, from Resolve: The National Infertility Association, which is voted on by the infertility community and recognizes a blog that raises awareness about the disease of infertility and sheds light on what it is like to be living with infertility.

In 2018, it was awarded the “Infertility Social Warrior Award” and in 2019, it was named the “Best IVF Blog” by Egg Donation Friends.Com.

If you like your eggs fertilized and implanted, sit down and have a read!

Ignoring the Pink (or Blue) Elephant in the Room

As insane as this may sound, I honestly believe that one of the main things you should do after having an IVF is to NOT to think about it whatsoever. ...
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Me, Myself & RuPaul

Today is Day three of both my current two week wait and resting after my IVF. Resting + Waiting = Feeling like I’m in the movie, “Whatever Happened to Baby ...
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The Eagle Has Landed

Today was the first day of my two-week wait. Since I just had the transfer of eggs yesterday, it was mostly a bed rest day and I’ve got to tell ...
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3 eggs, 2 Weeks & 1 Blog

As I said in my very first blog entry, I was always told that if you let a penis touch your leg, you’d get pregnant. This is the impression most ...
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Bikini Wax & Bruises

I spent twenty minutes today explaining what IVF is to the Russian woman giving me a bikini wax. I don’t usually have such conversations when getting the “hedges trimmed” but ...
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Pharmaceutical Purgatory

As of yesterday morning, I still hadn’t received my HCG shot from my mail order pharmacy. It seems like every time my doctor calls my them, they come up with ...
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Green Eggs and Sam

Between eating egg white omelets almost every morning (they are low in fat and no cholesterol), Easter eggs and the hormone shots I’m taking to produce more eggs, I’m on ...
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The Benefit of the Bagel

I believe it was around the time I turned 15 that I noticed I developed some extra fat in my lower abdomen. It’s almost like a pouch that I can’t ...
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Move On March

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing horrible has happened but everything seems to be going against you? It’s raining, your umbrella breaks while trying to open ...
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