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Listen Up – I am One in Eight

To be public and say, “I’m the one in eight that has been diagnosed with infertility.” is powerful. Well, for some, it may be easier than others but for me, it was a period (no pun intended) of time before I could get to that point of being open about my fertility issues. Here is

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Pin The Tail on the Sperm

First, I’d like to start with a few of the “fertility fun” highlights from this past week: There was the woman who told me that a doctor told her thirteen years ago, her doctor said she was fertile. Thirteen years ago? Honey, we were ALL fertile thirteen years ago. There was a different woman crying

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The “Sunflower Strategy”

Whenever you ask yourself, “Where is Jay? Why hasn’t she blogged in a while?” (Not that any of you have actually asked yourself this question but humor me for a moment), I want you to picture me sitting at my desk at Fertility Authority fielding such questions and comments as: “I’m calling about fraternity treatment.”

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